the space we’re developing

So, we’ve been speaking about the work that we are doing and hope to do in Ghana, but we have never gotten round to making it concrete. I thought that today I would post some images of the building where the Ghana Association of Writers is housed, which has a room which we have begun to stock with books from our wishlist and are working on equipping with computers so that writers can use is as a resource room.

The pictures in order are:

  • The building from the outside (to give an idea of its size and state – sorry I got to it late so it’s a bit dark)
  • The room we are converting (you might see me in some of the pics :))
  • A view of the walls (the walls are covered with images of writers from Africa and the diaspora as well as donated paintings from African artists – solicited by Atukwei Okai)
  • An image of the founder of the centre – Atukwei Okai – from the walls
  • A close up of the wall, revealing James Baldwin and Sonia Sanchez side-by-side
  • Another close up – Kamau Brathwaite (who worked in Ghana for a while), Kwaw Ansah (revered Ghanaian filmmaker), Atukwei, Robert Hayden, Chester Himes and Nikki Giovanni
  • An image of a thatched circle outside where regular readings can be held.

Outside the PAWA/GAW building
Resource Room
Walls of the Resource Room
Atukwei OkaiJames Baldwin & Sonia Sanchez
Nikki Giovanni & Kamau Brathwaite
Event Circle


I hope the images give you an idea of what we’re doing, the challenges we’re facing, etc. etc. All of you who feel you can support in any way, please join the army!


Nii Ayikwei Parkes 


2 Responses

  1. Hey, were are you? Do you still blog? I love what you are doing here.

    • We are relaunching soon at so web activity has been on a hiatus, but the work has continued – we got a computer and some books into the GAW last year and we will be doing more this year.

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